Breed overview the Akita

by Amy Cooper
Breed overview the akita

Are you considering getting a Akita? Or are you just interested in the breed? Well, this is the perfect place to start! This post is a short summary of the Akita breed characteristics from their size to how much exercise they need.

Breed overview


Akitas, were originally bred as hunting dogs so are classed as a working breed. Since they were bred to hunt bear, deer and wild boar they are a large breed standing at 24”-28” to the withers, weighing between 37 and 44 kg with a lifespan of 10+ years. They have a medium length double coat, but they shed lots! The breed standard colours are black, black and white, brindle, brindle and white, brown and white, fawn and white, pinto, red, silver and black to name a few! However, there are also many, many other breed standard colours. 


Akitas are double coated, as I said above, so shed a lot year-round! There is no way to stop this shedding so if you get an akita make sure you’re prepared to have dog hair everywhere and to brush them at least twice a week! But they do self-groom so will only need bathing roughly every three months! Obviously, akitas will also need their nails trimmed and teeth cleaned regularly exactly the same as all other dogs.


As Akitas are a working breed they need a reasonable amount of exercise, ideally 2+ hours a day. Not only do they need physical exercise like walking or running but also mental stimulation. This can be done by training, which your Akita will love or using puzzle toys. 


Akitas are quite a healthy breed, but like most large breeds they do have some more common conditions. These include hip dysplasia, GDV, hypothyroidism and eye problems. However, all good breeders have both parents genetically tested/screened for these problems. This means that when you buy a puppy you know it’s got a much smaller chance of developing these problems when its older. 


Akitas are bold, intelligent and courageous dogs that enjoy companionship. This means that they will be very close to the family and want to be involved in all daily activities! Since they are very smart, they will take to training quickly and will love learning to please you. They can be aggressive to other dogs so need lots of socialisation training from a young age. But even with good socialisation they are best suited to be the only dog in the house. 

So, overall, akitas are very smart and easy to train. They will get along well with children as they love to be involved as much as possible. So will make a great well rounded family pet!

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