Breed overview the Standard poodle

by Amy Cooper
Breed overview the Standard poodle

Are you considering getting a standard poodle? Or are you just interested in the breed? Well, this is the perfect place to start! This post is a short summary of the standard poodle breed characteristics from their size to how much exercise they need.

Breed overview

As the name suggests standard poodles are the biggest of the poodles and were bred as water retrievers. This is reflected in their coat, which is dense, curled and doesn’t stop growing. So, they need a LOT of grooming! They stand at 46-61cm to the withers so are classed as a medium breed and have a lifespan of 12+ years


As I mentioned above standard poodles need a lot of grooming! They can get knots or matts very easily because of their coat type. So, have to be brushed out regularly with a slicker brush and a greyhound comb. As I’m sure you’re aware the poodles coat also doesn’t shed so you won’t be finding piles of fur around the house. Obviously standard poodles will also need their nails trimmed and teeth cleaned regularly exactly the same as all other dogs. 


Because standard poodles were originally hunting dogs but are a medium sized breed, they need a reasonable amount of exercise (up to 1 hour a day). Not only do they need physical exercise like walking or swimming but also mental stimulation. This is very important due to the poodles intelligence and can be done by training, which your standard poodle will love, or using puzzle toys. 


Standard poodles are predisposed to some health issues. The main 5 health concerns in a standard poodle are addisons disease, GDV, sebaceous adenitis, epilepsy and hypothyroidism. However, all good breeders have both parents genetically tested/screened for common health problems. This means that when you buy a puppy you know it’s got a much smaller chance of developing these problems when its older. 


Standard poodles are very intelligent, affectionate and gentle! They are also eager to please and love to work which is why they are easy to train and often used as assistance dogs. However, their extreme intelligence can make them stubborn at times because they will work out their own way to do things. Finally standard poodles tend to form a true companionship and are Velcro dogs. This means they really do want to spend time with you rather than just pleasing you for food or walks. 

So, overall standard poodles are playful, faithful and alert dogs. They are also very easy to train which is why they are often used as assistance dogs. This makes them perfect for first time dog owners!

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