Breed profile the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

by Amy Cooper
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Are you considering getting a Cavalier king Charles spaniel? Or are you just interested in the breed? Well this is the perfect place to start! This post is a short summary of the Cavalier king Charles spaniel breed characteristics from their size to how much exercise they need.

Breed overview

Cavalier king Charles spaniels were bred as comforter dogs to keep noble ladies warm. So, they needed to be small, fluffy, and friendly. They have a medium length coat meaning that they need a reasonable amount of grooming but will also shed lots! Cavaliers come in many colours, but the standard colours are black and tan, Blenheim, ruby and tricolour. They stand at 12 to 13 inches to the shoulder so are classed as a small sized breed and have a lifespan of 12+ years


As I mentioned above Cavalier king Charles spaniels need a reasonable amount of grooming because of their medium length coats. So, will need brushing more than once a week to remove tangles and the occasional bath when they get smelly. Obviously, Cavaliers will also need their nails trimmed and teeth cleaned regularly exactly the same as all other dogs. 


Because Cavalier king Charles spaniels were originally companion dogs, they don’t need a lot of exercise (up to 1 hour a day), unlike most spaniels who need a lot of exercise. But not only do they need physical exercise like walking or swimming but also mental stimulation. This can be done by training, which your Cavalier will love, or using puzzle toys. 


Cavalier king Charles spaniels are prone to some health conditions. The health conditions most common in Cavalier king Charles spaniels are mitral valve disease, syringomyelia, episodic falling, hip dysplasia, patellar luxation and dry eye. However, all good breeders have both parents genetically tested/screened for these health conditions. This means that when you buy a puppy you know it’s got a much smaller chance of developing these problems when its older. 


All Cavaliers want is cuddles and plenty of affection. While still quite playful, their energy levels are generally lower than most spaniels, making them a great companion for older people or those with young children. They loves nothing more than being part of the family and are very content to settle down and bask in your company. They are great around young children, perfect if you are happy to provide endless fuss alongside regular activity.

So, overall Cavalier king Charles spaniels are a very sweet and cuddly breed which makes them the perfect family pet! 

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