Breed spotlight on: Chihuahua

by Bronwyn Hall

The Chihuahua is the smallest dog breed in the world – around 15cm to 23cm in height – and all evidence suggests that they were bred purely to be a companion.

However, what they lack in size they certainly make up for in personality; the average Chihuahua is confident, energetic and funny. This feisty little guy loves being around people and will typically attach themselves to one person in particular. When he’s not curled up on your lap enjoying all of your affection, you will probably find your Chihuahua burrowed in blankets, laundry baskets, pillows or anything else that will feel like a little den.


The Chihuahua is intelligent and a fast learner, although sometimes prone to stubbornness if they are overindulged. They will respond best to positive reinforcement in training. Harsh training methods will do them (and you) no good! Because of their small size (typically weighing 3 – 6 pounds), they are not recommended for households with young children owing to the chance of them being hurt.

Apprehensive about strangers; the Chihuahua can make an excellent watch dog. However, they are willing to make friends outside of your family as long as you make provisions for suitable introductions.



If you are looking for a small and spunky dog who will love nothing more than curling up with you then the Chihuahua could be the dog for you. However, if you are looking for a family friendly and independent dog then you may wish to reconsider this breed.

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