Breed spotlight on: Beagle

by Bronwyn Hall

The compact and lively Beagle is a fun loving dog who was originally trained to track small game as a scent hound.

There is a reason that the breed was once described as a ‘nose with feet’; the Beagle is never more at home than when he has his nose to the ground and is following a scent.

In the home, the Beagle is generally gentle, sweet and a tad mischievous. It is advised to start obedience training with a Beagle as soon as possible as they have a slight stubborn streak. House training is also reportedly difficult with a beagle and some owners have said it can take up to a year for a Beagle to be fully house trained.

The beautiful and independent Beagle is a sight to behold. However, before you commit to bringing one home you should ensure that you have enough time to invest in its training as well as keeping him busy during the day to prevent any destructive behaviour.



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