Breed spotlight on: Corgi

by Bronwyn Hall

The Corgi is synonymous with royalty since they are famous for being the Queens favourite dog. However, have you ever wondered just why Her Majesty loves the breed so much?



Well, the Corgi is generally a happy and intelligent dog. Although considered easy to train, they can be stubborn and sometimes like to think for themselves. A good Corgi tip to remember is that they can be motivated by food.

Corgi’s can also make great watchdogs; this is because they can be wary of strangers. This means that can be quick to bark when they hear something that they consider suspicious. You might want to bear this in mind if you are considering a Corgi as a pet.


Weighing in at no more than 30 pounds and having a maximum height of 12 inches, they are a whole lot of personality in a small but sturdy package.

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