Breed spotlight on: Hungarian Vizsla

by Bronwyn Hall

The beautiful and gentle Hungarian Vizsla was bred as an all-purpose gundog who is easy to train and doesn’t stray too far from his master.

Their elegant and athletic stature, coupled with their short, ginger hair means that this breed is definitely a looker! And what’s more is that they have the personality to match. Although originally bred as a working dog, the Vizsla can make an excellent family pet. Their high trainability, gentle nature and affectionate personality is a winning combination to most people.



However, don’t think that owning this active breed will be a walk in the park! They like to be out and about and will require a minimum of one hour of exercise every day. If they don’t get the physical and mental stimulation that they need, this breed – like so many others – can become bored and destructive.

Although the Vizsla is wonderful around humans, they can become clingy. If you don’t mind having a dog constantly shadowing you then this wont be a problem, however, if you enjoy your space then maybe the ‘velcro Vizsla’ isn’t the breed for you…

Champ Dogs

Champ Dogs

This breed is probably not suited to apartment life due to their vocal nature. The Vizsla has a tendency to let you know how they feel using whines, barks and other entertaining sounds. While this may be funny and sweet to you, your neighbours might not feel the same way…

If you fancy an energetic¬†and intelligent breed who loves to be around you and you have an active lifestyle to offer the lithe Vizsla in return, then you could do very well with adding one to your fold. However, if you’re often out and find yourself busy more than purposefully active, then you might wish to reconsider.


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