Breed spotlight on: Old English Sheepdog

by Bronwyn Hall

The Old English Sheepdog is an unmistakable breed famous for being the Dulux dog.

The Guardian

The Guardian

A large and athletic breed who is as sturdy as he is hardworking, the Old English Sheepdog needs an active family. This breed has working origins, although their exact history is one of the most unclear in the canine world.

Their gorgeous blueish and white coat is what the dog is most known for, however, be prepared to spend around 3-4 hours a week grooming it! If you’re interested in this breed, you’ll need to have plenty of room too as during his first year, the Old English Sheepdog grows from 1 pound to 60. When fully grown, he may weigh as much as 100 pounds.

This breed is super intelligent and a fast learner, however, they also need to be kept occupied lest they find something mischievous to entertain themselves.

Although his dopey charm and intelligence can make him a good family dog, the sheer size of the OES means he should be trained and socialised as soon as possible.


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