Breed spotlight on: Pug

by Bronwyn Hall

The Pug has been increasingly in the spotlight over recent years. Countless media campaigns had hoped to sway consumers by showing them the adorably squishy face of the Pug. However, there’s more to the Pug than a squishy face, bulbous eyes and loud breathing…


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Weighing in at around one stone or over, the Pug is actually a lot bulkier than people imagine. However, their compact bodies – on average 10 inches to a foot – still make them a handy little size! Originating in China, they are one of three short nosed dogs that were bred by the Chinese. Some historians believe that they can be documented back to the Han dynasty where they were prized members of the households of the Emperors of China.

Because this compact little dog was bred purely to be a companion, they don’t make great guard dogs, hunters or retrievers. However, they love attention and can become devoted to their owners. The sturdy Pug will be happy when he is curled up on your lap as an eager recipient of your affection. If you are a particularly light sleeper, however, you might consider ear plugs as his short nose can make him prone to snoring! Zzzzz….


Because of his size and his generally laid back attitude, the Pug will do well in a range of households. However, don’t let his small size fool you – Pugs can become mischievous if they don’t have space to get rid of some excess energy. Be mindful that the Pug can be very sensitive to humid climates and you must take care to ensure that they are not in the sun for too long and always have access to clean water.

If you are looking for a generally low maintenance, loving and funny dog then the Pug could be a good bet! However, if you expect your dog to be an independent canine who loves a game of fetch on a warm summers day… you might wish to look elsewhere.


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