Breed spotlight on: Standard Poodle

by Bronwyn Hall

Standing at around 22 inches tall and weighing in at an average 50 pounds, the Standard Poodle can be a sight to behold. They are usually thought of as being elegant and primed in the show ring. However, this proud dog is one of the oldest breeds and can be traced back to being bred for hunting waterfowl. In the 1400’s the Miniature and Toy Poodles were bred out of the Standard Poodle to please Parisian bourgeoisie.

Standard Poodle



The Standard Poodle is a dignified, clever and loving companion. Extremely loyal and always ready to play, they can also be highly trainable. With intelligence often likened to that of a human, it’s easy to see why this breed would make an ideal family pet. However, the Poodle is prone to learning habits – both good and bad – very quickly.

This breed can also make an excellent guard dog! A Standard Poodle, although highly affectionate with his family, can be very weary of strangers and won’t hesitate to sound the alarm if they sense an intruder. Due to this, they can take a little while to warm up to new people.

Standard Poodle


What makes the Poodle particularly popular is that he can do well in any type of home, providing he has access to plenty of exercise and human company.

If you are looking for a breed who is beautiful, smart and loyal then you might wish to consider a Standard Poodle. However, if you’re a new dog owner you might want to think how easy it is for this breed to pick up bad habits. Commit to a good training plan from the outset, make sure you have time to exercise him and the Poodle could be a dream come true!


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