Brexit and Pet Travel – How To Prepare Your Pet for a No Deal Brexit

by Reena Bakir
no deal brexit pet travel

While the government is determined to achieve a a deal with the EU, the possibility of a No Deal Brexit is looming on the horizon, and pet owners who plan on travelling with their pets after March 29th 2019 may face difficulties regarding pet travel.

While there are still a number of steps still being taken to figure out how this Brexit deal may turn out, taking necessary precautions for a No Deal Brexit is essential for all UK citizens.

If a No Deal Brexit is to occur, the rules for travelling with your pet to and from EU countries will certainly change. Here’s how the No Deal Brexit could affect your pet passport, and what you can do to prepare.

no deal brexit

‘ Unlisted Country ‘

If the UK is to leave the EU with a No Deal Brexit, it will be treated as an ‘unlisted country’. 

The following steps will need to be taken in order for your pet to travel:

  1. All pets must be micro chipped then vaccinated before it can be allowed to travel. A blood sample must also be taken from your pet at least 30 days after the vaccination has been received and sent to an EU-approved testing laboratory.
  2. The results should prove that the vaccination was a success.
  3. A waiting period of 3 months must be taken from the date of the successful blood sample before your pet can travel.
  4. In order to achieve a health certificate, your pet must be taken to an Official Veterniarian no later than 10 days before travelling.

If there’s no deal, pet passports issued in the UK would not be valid for travel to the EU.

In the events of this occuring, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has provided further essential guidelines for owners looking to travel with their pets. For example:

  • Your vet must be contacted at least 4 months prior to your date of travel if you do not have the necessary documents and vaccinations yet.
  • Once your pet arrives in the EU, their health certificate will be valid for up to 4 months for onward travel within Europe.
  • If your health certificate expires while you are in the EU, you will need to visit an authorized veterinarian to issue the required documentation

Returning to the UK

In order to return to the UK, your pet must have one of these following documents:

  • an existing EU pet passport
  • the EU health certificate issued in the UK and used to travel to the EU
  • a UK pet health certificate issued from outside the UK in order to enter the UK

Make sure you read the specific country guidelines when planning your travels for after March 29th by visiting the GOV website.

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