Buying Versus Making Your Own Dog Food – Pros And Cons

by Alexandra Madani

We live in a fast paced busy world. This leaves several of us looking for ways in which we can save time. Many people who own dogs opt to save some time by purchasing their dog food as opposed to making it for themselves. Others are religious about making the time to make their dog’s food. There is much debate regarding making or buying your own dog food. Here, we explore some of the pros and cons of this issue.

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Ingredients and Health Issues

If the dog food an owner is purchasing is full of chemicals, preservatives and unhealthy fillers, it could lead to time and money being wasted later. This is because when dogs consume these items in their food, over time, it starts to have a negative effect on their health. Some dog owners have found that feeding their dog manufactured foods with these items actually causes negative side effects in their dogs at a more rapid pace. The negative health effects manufactured dog food can cause range from food sensitivity, allergies, skin conditions, digestive issues and even life threatening diseases. It could cost a lot of time and money down the road to correct these issues once they have occurred. Not to mention the pain and agony your dog could be subjected to as a result. Making your own dog food can be a great way to avoid these scenarios.

Time Consumption

The problem many people face is that making your own dog food does take time. You can minimize the time which it takes to make the food, but in the end it is still a time commitment on your part. To help save time making your own dog food you should simply purchase the ingredients you will need when you are doing your usual shopping at the grocer. Making the foods when you are preparing meals is also a great time saver. You may want to consider making larger quantities of dog food when you are cooking. This will leave you portions which you can freeze and thaw later for use.

Dietary Changes

Occasionally, you may need to change your dog’s diet for health reasons. As dogs grow old, their nutritional needs change. It is never good to make a sudden and complete change in your dog’s diet unless advised by your dog’s veterinarian. The best way to incorporate new foods is by slowing incorporating small portions into your dog’s diet by substituting it for a portion of the food they are currently consuming. Doing this over the period of a week allows a dog’s system to adjust to the new food. This is a task which is much easier to accomplish when you are making your own dog food, because you have control over the portions and ingredients being used to make the food.


Making your own dog food is a great way to save money. This is because it is possible to buy dog food which is all natural and organic. The issue for some is that these organic, manufactured dog foods tend to cost more than their chemical laden counterparts. If you do not have the time to make your own dog food then you may pay more to obtain healthy food for your dog.

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