Cadence Gets Rescued

by Alessia

This Hope for Paws video was wonderful. As usual, it ended in a great rescue, but this one was a little different than some of the other ones. Cadence gets rescued after being followed by two concerned people in their car until finally she collapsed in a dark alley and Eldad arrived. She accepted his touch almost right away and let him put the leash on to go into the car. The doctor at the shelter assumed by Cadence’s injuries that she had been used as a bait dog – a disgusting game in which humans lets game dogs loose on another dog that is defenseless by either being chained up or caged in an area. Cadence was cleaned up, received surgery for her eyes, and met another pit bull that was rescued named Chance. I’ll let you watch the video to see what they go up to – it was so cute I teared up instantly. Another dog rescued, and as the end of the video says, every dog deserved a second chance and all of these dogs need adopting.

Alessia xx

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