Can Dogs Eat Christmas Dinner?

by Reena Bakir
can dogs eat christmas dinner

The turkey is all stuffed and ready to eat, the gravy is being passed around and the whole family is gathering around the dining table to celebrate with a delicious Christmas dinner! With your pet joining in on the fun, you must be wondering: can dogs eat Christmas dinner?

But while this feast is simply mouth-watering for us, it isn’t exactly the same for our canine friends! Much of the foods we cook for Christmas are in fact very dangerous for our dogs to consume, so giving your dog some of those tasty leftovers could be disastrous! Read on more to find out about what foods are a-okay, which ones to avoid, and the dog-friendly alternatives you could choose to go for!

Okay to eat!

While some foods are very dangerous – and at times toxic – for your dog, there is a selection of Christmas meals and snacks that are completely okay for your dog to eat alongside the whole family!


can dogs eat christmas dinner

The best part of your Christmas feast is perfectly okay for your dog to enjoy as well! As long as you remove any bones which may harm your dog’s stomach and insides, you’re good to go! Avoid giving your dog the skin as well, as it might be too fatty for your dog to digest properly. Make sure not to give your dog too much to eat, as it may cause bloating and digestive issues.


can dogs eat christmas dinner

Feeding your dog some healthy green vegetables, carrots, green beans, courgettes, peas, spinach and more in small controlled amounts is okay! Make sure to avoid adding butter or spices to these vegetables, as that might irritate your dog’s stomach!


can dogs eat christmas dinner

A nice plate of scrambled eggs is ideal for your dog to enjoy! As long as you don’t add any salt, pepper, milk or butter, you’re good to go!

What NOT to feed your dog

Now that  you know what’s okay for your dog to eat, its important to know what good to completely avoid!

Bones and Skins

can dogs eat christmas dinner

Turkey and chicken bones can cause major issues for your dog if ingested, especially if the bones were sharp as they can puncture and splinter your dog’s insides! They also pose choking hazards, and therefore should be avoided entirely. Also, the skins of turkey carry a lot of fat that your dog won’t be able to properly digest.


can dogs eat christmas dinner

Gravy is way too fatty and salty for dogs to enjoy, no matter how good they think it tastes! It can cause diarrhea and vomiting, and therefore should be avoided.

Food containing Onions and Garlic

can dogs eat christmas dinner

Onions are incredibly toxic to dogs, and so any foods containing onions should definitely not be fed to your dog! However, while a little amount of garlic is okay for your dog to eat, a good quantity can also be poisonous and therefore it’s better to stay safe and avoid it altogether.

Chocolate, Candy Canes, and Other Sweets

can dogs eat christmas dinner

While this one should go without saying, chocolate is incredibly dangerous for dogs and can be toxic. Hide your Christmas chocolates and cookies somewhere your little canine can’t reach when you’re not looking! Candy canes are far too full of sugar to be okay for your dog to eat, and most other deserts are definitely too sweet, fatty and sugary!

What Now?

Don’t want your dog to feel left out when the whole family is enjoying their Christmas dinner? You don’t have to fret! Here at some alternatives that are entirely dog-safe and perfectly okay for your pet to have!

Make sure to keep your holiday as enjoyable and safe as possible for the whole family, and to make sure your dog doesn’t get their nose into any of the Christmas dinner leftovers!

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