Can I Get A Dog Even If I Work Full Time?

by Alexandra Madani

Can I Get A Dog If I Work Full Time

You may be wondering if your schedule has room for a new furry friend. Perhaps you are a busy, career-oriented person who is concerned that a dog may not get enough quality time with you. Ultimately, this is a decision you will have to make on your own, but there are some factors in choosing a dog and options for care that may make the choice a little easier.

The first thing to consider is what type of dog you want. Are you looking into a toy breed that doesn’t take up much space and won’t need very long walks? Or are you a fan of larger, athletic breeds that need much more exercise and stimulation? If you live alone and won’t be home spend time with your pet as much as you would like, consider adopting a smaller dog that doesn’t require as much activity time. You may also want to look into adopting an older shelter pet who will not be as rambunctious or need as much attention and training. Plus, adopting a dog from a shelter means saving a life!

Regardless of the breed, age or size of the dog you choose to adopt, he or she will still need regular exercise, potty breaks and attention. If you work long hours it may be difficult to provide these on your own. There are, however, people who have dedicated their own careers to helping you out of this jam. Research local dog walking companies and doggie daycare facilities. Dog walkers come to your home and let your pup out to relieve itself, whereas doggie daycare services will take your pet for playtime at their facility all day long. Many of these businesses even offer pick up and drop off services.

It is entirely possible to have a dog in your life even if you are a busy person, but it is important to take your new dog’s needs into consideration. Will you have time to play at the end of the day? Will you be able to fit regular trips to the groomer and pet store into your schedule? Will you be able to take a day off if there is an emergency that requires a trip to the veterinarian? When making this decision, you have to realize that there are some sacrifices you may need to make on behalf of the dog. If you truly want the companionship of a pet, you will be able to find a way to make the arrangement work.

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