Can I Get A Dog If I Already Have A Cat?

by Alexandra Madani

Can I Get A Dog If I Already Own A Cat?
Traditionally, cats and dogs do not get along with each other. While this is true in many cases, it is not true in all cases. The best way to ensure that a cat and dog will get along is to introduce them to each other while they are young. If the pets become accustomed to being around each other during their early lives it will be normal for them, and thus they will get along with each other.

If the cats and dogs you are trying to introduce to your home are older, do not despair. There are ways in which you can help these pets to get along with one another. The first thing you will want to do in cases of older animals is to select a cat with a personality of both confident and curious. These cats seem to get along with dogs better than cats that are timid or have a bit of unpleasant disposition.

Olfactory Introductions

Prior to having a cat and dog meet for the first time you should rub the cat and the dog each with separate towels. The towel used to rub each animal should be placed under the food bowl of the other animal. This will allow them to first become familiarized with the smell of the other animal and make them less apprehensive when first being around the other in the same room.

Getting to Know the Environment

When a cat and dog are meeting each other for the first time the cat should be allowed to enter a room without the dog being present. This will give the cat a chance to investigate the environment and mentally become comfortable. The dog should then be introduced into the room from a distance. The cat should be held by someone while the dog is controlled by a leash from another person. The animals should them slowly be brought together and the cat then released. The reason why the dog must be on a leash the first time is because it will allow you to better control the situation should things not go as well as hoped for. This will also help top prevent any injuries to the pets and humans in the room should the animals become overly excited when meeting one another.

What to Watch For

Bear in mind that it is very common for cats to swat at dog when first meeting them. This is usually done in a playful manner. It can also be done by the cat to test the new being which has entered into their environment. Do not be alarmed by this in the beginning when introducing both younger and older animals to one another.

Remember to take your time and slowly introduce a cat and dog to one another. This will allow them time to adjust to the other being in their environment and become comfortable with them. Doing this will help your animals will live together in peace and harmony.

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