Casablanca Eco Dog Beds by Scruffs

by Reena Bakir
scruffs casablanca box bed pruple

Taking a new turn into becoming a luxury, high-end brand producing top quality products, Scruffs have created a brand new, refined and elegant range of dog beds to offer your dogs the comfort and splendor they deserve!

Made from 100% recycled or natural materials, such as cotton, bamboo or jute, the Scruffs Eco collection guarantees a safer manufacturing process that the production of standard fabrics!

Coming out with their brand new Casablanca Eco Beds collection, consisting of box beds for dogs that love to snuggle, and mattresses for those who prefer to spread out as they sleep, Scruffs offer a new and exciting addition to their beddings which guarantees ultimate satisfaction for your pet!

Scruffs Casablanca Box Eco Dog Bed

casablanca box dog bed purple
Scruffs Casablanca Box Eco Dog Bed in Purple

Created with your pet’s comfort in mind, the Scruffs Casablanca Box Bed range is upholstered in soft, breathable poly-cotton fabric and finished with a self-colored piping. The beds’ one-piece design ensures that the beds provide great support and comfort, filled with 100% recycles green-fibre to provide unmatched cushioning, resilience and insulation aspects.

The box-like form of the bed keeps your pet cosy and cuddled up, offering security by around their body as they sleep!

Featuring its unique Mediterranean theme, the range comes in a variety of colors, including yellow, blue, purple and grey, which exude the brilliance of summer and can still be used all year round!

scruffs casablance box bed mustard yellow
Scruffs Casablanca Box Eco Dog Bed comes in a unique Mustard Yellow color, exuding the aura of a warm summer!
scruffs casablanca box eco dog bed in blue
Reflecting the color of refreshing cold waters, the Scruffs Casablanca Box Eco Dog Bed is also available in Blue

Casablanca Eco Dog Mattress

casablanca eco dog mattress
The Casablanca Eco Dog Mattress in a brilliant Blue

Ideal for bigger dogs or pooches who like to spread out as they sleep, the Scruff’s Casablanca Eco mattress range carries the same special Mediterranean theme as the box beds but with a lot more space! The mattresses give your dogs room to lie down and enjoy the soft airy breeze of summer at their highest comfort!

Made from the same recycled materials, the mattresses are upholstered in breathable poly-cotton fabric. They feature an integral fill, secured to the outer cover to improve durability during use and washing. They are also filled with recycled green-fibre to provide unmatched cushioning, security and shielding.

The mattresses are available in medium and large sizes, allowing you to easily find the best fit for your pet!

grey casablanca dog bed scruffs
The Casablanca Eco Mattress in Grey is perfect for pet-owners looking for a subtler color that expresses the simplicity and airiness of summer!
scruffs casablanca dog bed purple
In a fun and unique purple, the Casablanca Eco Mattress in Purple is perfect for adding a touch of color to your house!

Don’t Miss Out!

Make sure you check out the full color range of Scruffs Casablanca Eco Beds and Mattresses available at our store, and give your pet the Mediterranean summer experience they deserve!

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