Cat Loves Golden Retriever Puppy

by Alessia

There’s only one thing I love more than a golden retriever puppy – cats who love dogs and are not ashamed to show it. Both dogs that I’ve owned have absolutely hated cats. I’m talking take off running as soon as one is spotted and run like hell until you can’t find it anymore or until it’s in your mouth (though neither of them got quite that far). This little cat and dog duo is everything I want out of a cat and dog relationship – the cat is kind, she acts motherly to the puppy, and the puppy just hangs around letting her snuggle with him. It’s just so cute, and I’m not even that big of a cat person, I just think that cats and dogs look so precious together when they get along. This video is long, and it doesn’t have any sound of consequence, but it’s simple and very adorable.

Alessia xx

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