Chihuahua Harness | Harnesses For Chihuahuas

by Chelsea Dogs

Finding a Chihuahua harness can be difficult because many brands do not make a harness small enough to comfortably fit their small bodies.

We have a great range of chihuahua harnesses in a variety of colours and styles so you are sure to find one that you love.

To find out more and to buy one of our chihuahua harnesses, simply click on the pictures below.

First up are a range of dog harnesses by Bowl and Bone. Specifically designed for toy and small breeds, these harnesses are perfect for chihuahuas.

Soho rose chihuahua harness

pink chihuahua harness

Soho Navy Dog Harness

Blue chihuahua harness

Soho Orange Dog Harness For Chihuahuas

Orange chihuahua harness

Grey Candy Dog Harness Suitable for Chihuahuas

grey padded dog harness

And a pink version…

pink chihuahua harness

Pink Sequin Bow Dog Harness

pink sparkly dog harness

Red Vintage Bow Dog Harness

red bow dog harness

To browse our complete range of dog harnesses, click here.

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