Chinese Officer Defies the Law to Rescue Confiscated Dogs

by Alessia

A cop in Bejing, China has been rescuing dogs that are confiscated because they are either unregistered, or are considered “too large” and “a threat to humans”. The police take these dogs, cage them, and put them down. Large dogs are then sold to meat markets.

dog in cage

Xiao Hei, the officer defying the law to save these dogs either asks for the dogs, or if he is denied, he returns to the station at night to steal them. He has saved twelve dogs so far this summer, five of which live in his house, breaking another law in China that limits each household to one dog.

dogs in office

This is just one small example of how one person can stand against something to spark change, even if it’s a law enforcer going against the law to do what he feels is right.

Alessia xx


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