Collars & Leads Could Cause Dog Walkers Serious Hand/Arm Injuries

by Melissa Keen

The British Society for the Surgery of the Hand (BSSH) has recently stated that not properly controlling your dog during walks could result in some serious hand or arm injuries.

One hospital, the Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust, claimed it has treated over 30 injuries caused by incorrect use of leads and collars in a single year.

Surgeons are releasing the warning because of the rising amount of often debilitating injuries that leads & collars can cause including broken bones, dislocations, cuts and friction burns.

Not only can they cause superficial cuts and bruises, but a lot of these injuries are incapacitating and can take over a year to fully heal. Spiral fractures of the finger bones are most common (ouch!) and often requires surgery to sort out.

So what can you do to stay safe during daily walks? The BHHS has released a list of recommendations they say dog walkers should follow in order to avoid any painful surprises:

  1. Don’t wrap the lead around your wrist or fingers. Instead, hold it with a firm grip.
  2. Avoid hooking your fingers around your dog’s collar.
  3. Keep larger dogs on a shorter lead as this prevents them from building up speed or momentum.

Following these simple rules should help you avoid any lead or collar-related accidents and enjoy walks injury-free for years to come!

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