Corgi Puppy On The Struggle Bus

by Alessia

Camping is not my idea of fun. I don’t like sleeping in a tent that gets covered in insects overnight and somehow the ground below always seems to become damp. Everything smells like outdoors (obviously) and eventually all of your hygienic instincts fly out the window because there are just no ways to promote cleanliness in the woods. So you sit in your tent and pretend to be happy about fire flying around your head in the wind and call it camping. This corgi puppy on the struggle bus is most likely in complete agreement with me on the whole camping front. This chubby little guy can’t even get out of his human’s tent, and he won’t even show his face to talk about how annoyed he is. His struggle is real, and fortunately for everyone it was caught on video for the world to see. I still hate camping, but I love this chubby munchkin who was given no choice as to whether or not he wanted to partake in the camping.

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