Cosy Dog Bed Spare Covers

by Reena Bakir
dog bed spare covers

Whether to replace dirty covers while they’re being washed or to spice things up for your pooch every once in a while, these cosy dog bed spare covers are essential to all dog owners! With their muddy paws and wet fur, dogs can easily get their beds dirty and messy. With these dog bed spare covers, you can keep your mind at ease and always have a replacement for your existing covers.

At Chelsea Dogs, we offer a wide range of luxury dog furniture, including these fabulous and cosy dog bed spare covers. Take a look at our store here for the full selection of spare covers and bed liners and give your dog the best sleep they deserve!

Lumberjack Red and Grey Box Duvet Spare Cover

dog bed spare cover

This dog bed spare cover by Danish Design is made with hard-wearing brushed cotton fabric, making it comfortable and soft to the touch, guaranteeing a good night of sleep! The iconic Lumberjack red and grey design comes in a characteristic checkered design. This spare cover is machine washable and comes in two sizes.

HiK9 Raised Pet Bed Cosy Sleeve Cover

cosy sleeve dog bed cover

This adorable fluffy sleeve cover goes perfectly for the HiK9 raised pet bed. Made from a deep pile veterinary bedding, this cosy sleeve is naturally hypo-allergenic, breathable and deters infestation. Incredibly soft and comfortable, the bed cover is perfect for dogs that love to snuggle and nestle into their beds before sleeping. The cover comes in many sizes to match the HiK9 beds, and remains fixed on the bed until taken off to wash or change.

Berkeley Tartan Spare Cover

tartan dog bed spare coversThese classic and stylish bed covers by Berekly Dog Beds are made to cover the Berkely Orthopedic Dog Mattress perfectly, slipping comfortably over the existing covers to create a warmer and cosier feel. With their stylish designs, the beds are not only beautiful to look at but also offer comfort, warmth and luxury to your sleeping dog.

Arctic Grey Box Duvet Spare Cover

danish design dog bed spare covers

Make your home chic and stylish with this Arctic grey box duvet spare cover by Danish Design. Designed for comfort and style, this duvet cover comes in muted grey tones made from faux suede for lavish warmth and cosiness. Allow your dog to soak up the comfort of this cover with its soft suede outside which is guaranteed to keep them happy! The cover is also machine washable and comes in two sizes to fit different-sized beds.

Vintage Dogstooth Deep Duvet Spare Cover

dog bed spare covers uk

Featuring a classic grey dogstooth design, this beautiful duvet spare cover by Danish Design will fit perfectly with your home furniture! Made from 100% Polyester, the cover is not only made for comfort but is also easily machine washable, allowing you to easily keep it clean and polished for your dog!

Looking for more?

Still looking for more dog bed spare covers? Take a look at the selection of spare covers and liners offered at our store, ranging from covers made for comfort and cosiness to waterproof and easily washable covers.

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