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by Reena Bakir
country and twee

Driven by the belief that style and practicality shouldn’t come at the cost of one another, Country and Twee design luxury handmade dog products that are both fashionable and functional. Popular for their designer coats and jackets, Country and Twee products are traditionally made in the UK from the finest luxury materials.

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About Country and Twee

Country and Twee

Specialized in dog coats and dog beds, Country and Twee design high quality Tweed products for all dog breeds, to ensure that your canine can strut their style no matter the breed! From waterproof coats that keep dogs dry during wet walks, to cosy soft Tweed jackets to save them from the cold, Country and Twee are dedicated to producing only the best UK-manufactured products for your pets.


Country and Twee Frenchie and Pug Green Tweed Waterproof Dog Coat

country and twee coatThis stylish Sherpa fleece lined coat is made specifically for small Pug and Frenchie breeds to keep them cosy and warm during chilly walks! The waterproof coat is also great for withstanding wet weather conditions, meaning you can take your dog out for a walk at any time of the year! The coat is designed to fit the square frame of Pug and Frenchie bodies, and offers a snug comfortable fit.

Country and Twee Black Underbelly Waterproof Dog Coat

Black Underbelly coat country and twee

This waterproof coat is ideal for canines with a hairy tummy and little legs who manage to get their bellies easily wet from the damp ground. The unique and stretchy waterproof underbelly material allows your dog to run as freely as they want no matter the environment without the risk of getting muddy!

Green Tweed Greyhound Coat

country and tweeThe Country and Twee Green Tweed Greyhound Coat has been specifically designed to fit the unique long shape of this beautiful breed. The coat is lined with incredibly soft Sherpa fleece lining which will keep your dog extra warm and dry! It comes in two sizes and can be squeezed for a tight fit around your canine.

Country and Twee Tweed Cave Dog Bed

country and twee

Filled with sumptuously soft fleece on the inside and sporting a luxury Tweed outside, this is the perfect bed for any dog to snuggle into for a nice warm nap. The bed can be filled with your choice of high quality fibre or European duck feather for stuffing if you feel like treating your pet to a little luxury! The product comes in two sizes, ideal for terrier and dachshund sized dogs and larger breeds such as Whippets and Lurchers.

Country and Twee Tweed Dog Bed

country and tweeThis durable and machine washable Tweed dog bed is a perfect stylish addition to any room. The bed is filled with soft sherpa fleece inner cushion, allowing your dog to be comfortable and cosy in this sturdy bed that’s bound to become your dog’s favorite place to sleep after a cold walk.

There’s More

Make sure to check out the entire Country and Twee collection at our store and buy your pet the best winter coats to keep them cosy!

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