Crazy Puppy Party | Official Pup Aid Video

by Chelsea Dogs

We are so pleased to share this crazy puppy party official Pup Aid video featuring Mark Heap with you all. Pup Aid sets out to stop puppy farm cruelty across the UK.

Please sign and share the Pup Aid e-petition and help end the cruel practice of Puppy Farming!

All dogs deserve to live a life without fear or suffering but many dogs are not so lucky. Pup Aid raise awareness of Puppy Farming, visit their web site to find out more and learn how to avoid buying a Puppy Farmed dog.

Can you believe that these pictures are from the UK:

puppy farming in uk
puppy farming uk
puppy farming cruelty
puppy farming

Please share this so that we can help spread the word and get more signatures on the petition so we can put a stop to puppy farming. Thank you!

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