Croci Italian Designer Dog Jackets

by Reena Bakir
croci designer dog jackets

Producing essential and luxury products for pets of all kids, from canines and felines to birds, rodents and reptiles, Croci are dedicated to the manufacturing of high quality pet supplies of all kinds! Their beautiful Italian Designer Dog Jackets are just what your dog needs to stay snug and warm this winter, looking absolutely fabulous as stroll the streets on chilly walks!

Here at Chelsea Dogs, we have a selection of high quality Croci dog jackets, made from high end materials and coming in the most beautiful of designs! Read on to find out more about our top picks!

Military Camo Rose / Rose Reversible Dog Jacket

croci designer jackets

This luxury padded coat by Croci is both fashionable and flexible, as it can be reversed to show a camo/rose print or a full rose print, depending on your liking! The jacket features adjustable double row press studs and elastic girth to fit different dog body type. It also allows access for both a harness and lead, making it convenient for winter walks. The jacket is available in an amazing range of 8 sizes, making it great for all dogs.

Elegant Fur Dog Jacket 

croci designer dog jacketsWhat a look for a posh canine! This elegant Frosted Mink jacket with a Frosted Mink hood is paired with a warm fabric soft fleece lining for extra warmth and protection no matter the weather. It also allows for lead access for easy walking. This stylish jacket can be machine washed to ensure it stays sparkling clean! It comes in five sizes, so dogs of any breed can strut their style!

Blue/Grey Padded Reversible Dog Jacket

croci jacketsIn a cool blue/grey design, this padded reversible dog jacket features blue teal on one side and a silver grey on the other, giving you a perfect mix of winter colors. The jacket’s adjustability allows for a perfect fit on breeds of all body types, also giving access to a lead and harness. It’s available in six sizes, so be sure to head over and get one for your canine!

Raspberry Padded Dog Jacket 

crorci raspberry dog jacketIn a beautiful Raspberry pink, this cute jacket comes full with an adorable bow at the back and roll collar, making any dog feel stunning in their new fit! The jacket’s soft plush inner lining ensures extra warmth and comfort, and it’s adjustable velcro closing allows for a perfect fit. It is available in four sizes.

Red Dog Waterproof Raincoat

red jacket croci

Keep your dog safe from the rain with this stylish red jacket by Croci. The jacket features a cute cartoon dog print for a special touch! It offers lead access, and comes with a removable pocket which can be used to store and carry the jacket along with you when not in use! It comes in five sizes, and is adjustable for a tight and comfy fit.

Looking for more?

There’s a range of luxury Croci Italian Designer dog jackets at our store, so be sure to check out their entire collection and choose the perfect jacket for your beloved pet!

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