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by Reena Bakir
luxury leather purple dog collars uk

Picking out the perfect collar for your dog can be tricky, as many dog owners want to choose a special look for their dog! If you want to give your dog a unique style which strays away from stereotypical pink female collars and blue male collars, choose a fun colour that suits dogs of all genders and lets them stand out in the crowd with these purple dog collars!

Here at Chelsea Dogs, we also have a wide selection of adorable dog collars in different styles, colours and made from only the best materials! Take a look at all of the collars available in our shop here!

Charleston Purple Polka Dog Collar and Lead Set

best purple dog collars

This Charleston purple and black collar and lead set comes in a funky polka-dot design with a lush velvet lining. Make your dog look like the coolest pup out of all of their friends with this collar and its accompanying lead, complete with a heart-shaped tag to make them look all the more adorable! The collar and lead are both adjustable, and come in a range of sizes to fit any dog!

Kensington Contemporary Leather Dog Collars Purple by Tagiffany

purple dog collars uk

Made from high-quality Italian Leather, the Kensington Contemporary purple dog collars are a fan-favourite with their modern and stylish collar which stands out and shows just how fun your dog can be! The collar comes with two D rings, one to hold your dog’s ID tag and another to clip the collar onto the lead and keep them secured safely! The collar comes in a range of sizes, from tiny, small, medium and large. The collar can also come in a range of other colours as well! Buy this luxurious fun collar for your pooch and watch them feel fancy!

Luxury Soft Touch Leather With Diamante Studs Dog Collar

luxury leather purple dog collarsThis soft and simple dog collar is designed for your dog ultimate comfort and satisfaction! The high-quality leather comes with a soft-touch texture, making them look all the more luxurious while still keeping your dog happy. The collar comes with a series of stylish diamante crystal rivets lining the fabric, and you can choose their colours from pink, silver, blue or a combination of any two colours. The colour of the collar is also adjustable to your preference, allowing you to even make the inside of the colour a different colour than the outside! You can also choose between silver or brass fittings!

Doodlebone Airmesh Snappy Dog Harness

purple dog harness

This adorable dog harness is created for ultimate ease and fitting for dogs of all breeds and sizes! If your dog gives you trouble fitting collars over their heads or panic with items around their necks, the Doodlebone harness is a perfect alternative! The harness’s advantage comes with its ease of use, as it allows owners to quickly and easily for the harness onto the dog, avoiding as much trouble as possible! Not only that, but the collar’s vibrant purple collar make it stand out, giving your dog a comfortable and stylish fit!

There’s More

If you’re still looking for more purple dog collars and leads for your special pup, visit our store here!

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