Dachshund Beds

by Chelsea Dogs
dachshund beds

One of the most popular breeds here in the UK is the Dachshund. These adorable dogs are very smart, playful, independent and pretty stubborn when they want to be! Also know as the sausage dog, the Dachshund has a long, stocky body and short legs. Because of their build, they are often subject to back injuries if they do a lot of jumping, climbing stairs, jumping on and off the sofa or off and on their bed so it’s important to find a dog bed that is just right.

We have a great selection of Dachshund beds which they will adore. From low rise beds which are super easy for them to step in and out of to cosy snuggle beds which are perfect for them to burrow in. Burrowing is instinctive to them as they were originally bred to find and flush out badgers!

Here are our best selling Dachshund beds.

The gorgeous tweed cave snuggle bed. This bed features lovely green tweed on the outside and cosy, sumptuously soft fleece on the inside. The lid of the bed is removable so you can either have it as a cave bed for burrowing or as a soft cushion bed for snoozing.

dachshund cave bed

To shop all our best beds and other accessories including collars, harnesses, jumpers and coats for Dachshunds, click here.

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