Danish Design’s Plan to Tackle Plastic in the Ocean

by Melissa Keen

From the 1st October, Yorkshire brand Danish Designs will be filling their dog beds with recycled plastic in an effort to tackle plastic pollution in the ocean.

Danish Design’s have always had a long-standing position on recycling; they already recycle over 90% of their waste. In their next venture, they plan to be using 100% recycled fibre within their dog beds. So how do they plan to do it?

Making the Bedding

The plastic fibre is made by shredding plastic bottles, which are cleaned and heated to become a liquid. This liquid is then sieved to produce a thread that becomes a fibre when it cools down.

This fibre is then processed in a carding facility at Danish Design’s own factory based in Leeds, where it can then be used to fill the inside of dog beds for a comfortable, luxurious and soft thermal filling.

The Facts

Billions of plastic bottles are thrown away each year – and unfortunately, only around 9% of these are currently being recycled. Danish Design wants to reduce this number by using up plastic bottles and giving them life in another way.

This PET recycled fibre ensures around 8 million plastic bottles are prevented each year from ending up in a landfill, the natural environment, or the sea.

One medium-sized bed will roughly equate to 70 recycled plastic bottles.

As well as this, Danish Design also ensures they use 100% sustainably sourced cotton whenever possible through ‘The Better Cotton Initiative’ (BCI). The BCI helps farmers grow cotton in a way that is less stressful on the environment whilst also improving the welfare of farming communities.

Want to contribute to the amazing efforts of this incredible brand? You can purchase one of their recycled dog beds by clicking here.

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