Delicious Christmas Cakes For Dogs

by Reena Bakir
christmas cakes for dogs

What better way to make this holiday season special for your canine than with these delicious Christmas Cakes for dogs! Give your dog a yummy treat like no other, and watch them enjoy the Christmas feast right alongside the entire family!

Here at Chelsea Dogs, we offer mouth-watering Christmas dog treats that are sure to have your dog’s cravings satisfied! Cakes are among the variety of foods that will definitely bring the jolly festive spirit to your home – and your dog’s stomach!¬†Make sure you place your orders soon before the 15th of December so your cake can arrive just in time for Christmas!

Read on to find out more about our Christmas Cakes for dogs!

Personalized Bone Dog Christmas Cake

christmas cakes for dogsTreat your dog to an appetizing dessert this Christmas eve with this personalized dog bone Christmas cake hand-baked to delicious perfection! Personalize this cake by adding your dog’s name printed right on, and make their meal all the more special! Made from top grade ingredients, the cake can be made from a yummy carob (dog-safe chocolate) or lip smacking peanut butter flavor that are guaranteed to keep your dog drooling for more. The scrumptious cake is covered in a delicious fat-free and sugar-free icing, and is lined with small bone treats in a peanut butter flavor.

Personalized Christmas Cakes for Dogs

christmas cakes for dogs

Coming wrapped in a beautiful red ribbon and personalized with your pet’s name, this cake is the ideal gift for your dog this season! Choose from a range of flavors including festive ginger bread, a delicious peanut butter or yummy carob to fit your dog’s desire! The cake comes lined in delicious peanut butter flavor mini bones that can be kept aside as treats, and is covered in a fat-free and sugar-free icing that is delicious to the taste!

Mini Personalized Dog Christmas Cake

christmas cakes for dogs

Perfect for your small pup, this mini Christmas cake is a great option if you’re looking for a quick and easy dessert for your pet to munch on! Packed with the same delicious ingredients and inviting flavors, this smaller cake is ideal for a one-dog family or a young puppy! The hand-baked cake comes with the tasty peanut butter treats and the long-lasting icing that your dog will definitely love!

Hungry for more?

There’s an even wider selection of mouth-watering merry treats for your canine companion to enjoy this Christmas, so make sure you don’t miss out on the entire selection of cookies, treats, cakes and festive assortments.

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