Designer Posh Dog Beds

by Reena Bakir
posh dog beds

Make your dog’s nap time all the more luxurious and fabulous with these designer posh dog beds, a gift to give your pup the best beauty sleep with ultimate comfort and pampering!

At Chelsea Dogs, we offer a wide selection of luxury posh dog beds, featuring only the best quality products that every special dog deserves. We provide a collection of unique sets, designs and styles at our store, all designed with your dog’s comfort and happiness in mind. Whether you are looking for bright and colourful statement pieces to add life to your house, or for simple and stylish modern beds, our products are bound to satisfy your needs!

Here’s a selection of some of our favourite posh dog beds!

Bowl and Bone Loft Dog Cushion Bed Coralpink posh dog bed

This adorable designer pink bed in destined to bring some luxury into your dog’s life! The loft cushion is complete with a simple clean finish, making it an elegant modern piece in any home environment. The cushion is a unique alternative to a full dog bed, as the open cushion allows your dog to look out into the house and surroundings while lying down, making them feel constantly involved with their owners rather than hiding away to sleep.

Country and Twee Tweed Cave Dog Bed

posh dog beds

This luxuriously soft cave dog bed is perfect for any dog that just loves to cuddle under the covers! It is specifically designed to hug your dog as they sleep and keep them warm and happy. The country and Twee Tweed bed is stylish with its tweed outside design and complete with a  soft fleece inside to ensure maximum comfort.  Lined with a sherpa fleece, you have the decision of choosing between a sumptuous quality fibre or luxurious European duck feather as stuffing, with both options keeping your dog at maximum satisfaction!

Luxury Rose Dog Pillow Bed

fancy posh dog beds

This adorable luxury rose dog bed will offer ultimate blissful sleep for any spoiled canine. Your dog will literally be lying in a bed of roses! The bed comes with the comfort of a high-end latex filling, with an elaborate chamber system within the inside of the cushion which ensures balanced sleeping surfaces. The bed is available in graphite/cream colours or graphite/red, and comes in three sizes to suit any posh dog.

Pink Shaggy Pooch Pod

furry pink dog bed

This comfy shaggy pooch pod is created for every posh pup to sleep in or on! Let your pup decide how they want to sleep on this amazingly soft bed, as this flexible bed can be used as a donut pouch, or a snuggly bed to snuggle into, or even an open blanket to lie down in for a quick nap! The bed is made from an incredibly soft shaggy pile fabric  inside and out!

There’s More!

Looking for more posh beds to make your dog’s bedtime all the more satisfying and give them the beauty sleep they deserve? Visit our store, where we offer a wide selection of beds and cushions to suit any sleepy pooch!

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