Designer Puppy Collars

by Reena Bakir
designer puppy collars

Get your pup the perfect collar to kick-start their life! These designer puppy collars are made from high quality durable material that is stylish and long-lasting! Choose from a variety of colors, styles and designs to what suits your small canine friend the best.

Whether you opt for a simplistic leather collar or a fun quirky design, you can guarantee that your pup is wearing the best quality products! Here at Chelsea Dogs, we offer a wide collection of adorable designer puppy collars available at our store here.

Here’s a list of our favorite picks of the batch!

Black With Brass Rolled Leather Dog Collar By Dogs & Horses

designer puppy collars leatherThis chic black with brass rolled leather dog collar is uniquely hand made in UK. The striking black color is perfect for casual everyday wear. Constructed from super soft napa leather, filled with pliable foam and finished with brass buckles and fittings, this collar is the perfect combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern design! The collar comes in a range of sizes to fit dogs of all sizes and its perfect for puppies!

Red Herringbone Tweed Dog Collar

red tweed puppy collar

This red Herringbone tweed dog collar features a strong red webbing with a classic red herringbone tweed print, making it classy and durable! The collar comes with a D ring to allow for the attachment of tags and a lead. The collar comes in a range of sizes and is also fully adjustable for a firm and comfortable grip around your pup!

Blue Vintage Slim Fit Dog Collar

thin puppy collars

Give your puppy a stylish blast from the past with these luxury vintage slim fit dog collars. Coming in a beautiful blue design featuring a vintage primrose ribbon strip down center. With its small slim design, this collar is perfect for puppies and small breeds. It comes in small and medium sizes along with a D ring to attach a tag and a lead!

Brown Bow Puppy Collar

bow tie puppy collars

Designed specifically for puppies and smaller dogs, these collars come in a super-cute tartan design with a signature puppy bow to add cuteness to this stylish collar! The collar is made from high quality, soft tartan nylon and PU brown leather, the collar makes for a durable and smart look. Each Sotnos patterned collar or lead is unique and you can never find two collars with the exact same print, therefore your dog’s collar would be completely unique to them!

Country Stag Blush Coral on Gold Dog Collar

pink puppy collarsThis chic and adorable dog collar features a soft coral base with metallic foil print stag heads. The collar contains a strong white webbing base and also comes with a D ring to allow for the attachment of collars and tags. Spoil your special little pup with this chic blush coral dog collar and make your dog the most fashionable one at the park.

There’s more

Looking for more adorable puppy collars to give your pup the best start in life? Take a look at our store here and choose from a range of collars, and make sure you choose the perfect one for your pup’s first collar!

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