Designer Velvet Dog Beds

by Reena Bakir
velvet dog beds

The stunning velvet fabric is not only luxuriously stylish, but it also provides maximum comfort for your sleeping pooch! Due to its woven tufted quality, velvet carries a distinctive soft texture unlike any other fabric, and offers the perfect feel for any dog to rest their head!

Here at Chelsea Dogs, we have a wide range of designer velvet dog beds in a variety of designs and shapes to suit any canine companion! Check out the selection at our store here.

These designer velvet dog beds are made from the highest quality velvet and are guaranteed to bring your dog satisfaction and comfort!

Scott’s of London Balmoral Dog Chesterfield Ebony Crushed Velvet

velvet dog sofa

Handcrafted in Europe by a family-run business, this stunning Balmoral Dog Chesterfields in Ebony crushed velvet come with a matching premium fill cushion and offers the ultimate luxury and comfort for your dog. Shaped like a couch with raised legs and special elevation to allow your dog to jump in and out easy, the bed comes with raised sides to keep your dog secure while they sleep and limit the presence of drafts. The sofa can even be customized with additional accessories such as swarovski crystals buttons and regular buttons, and come in three different sizes making them perfect for any dog.

P.L.A.Y Lounger Dog Bed Royal Crest

velvet dog beds
With its elevated sides and soft velvet exterior, this bed is the perfect place for your dog to rest their head. Filled with an ideal amount of high-loft PlanetFill filler, the cushion is made for extra comfort and is the top eco-friendly option you could find! The bed’s removable cushions and exterior can also be reversible to create variations of different looks to make sure your dog is never bored! The bed comes in three sizes to ensure that all dogs can enjoy a nice and relaxing sleep on this velvet throne!

P.L.A.Y Round Dog Bed Cameo

luxury velvet dog bedsThis lovely round bed is styled after an antique cameo, featuring an iconic vintage print and design. The round bed fits both in contemporary as well as traditional homes due to its perfect combination of aspects from both worlds with the unique Victorian print! Made from ultra-soft velvet outer material and filled with 100% cotton, this round bed is designed for ultimate comfort! With furniture-grade craftsmanship, this bed is durable and tough and guaranteed a long lifespan.

The Lounging Hound Luxury Plush Velvet Sofa Topper

velvet dog sofa bedNot only are toppers the perfect way to protect your sofas from dirty paws and tears, but these velvet toppers are created specifically with your dog’s comfort as a priority! Made from stain-resistant wool and velvet fabrics designed to be both practical and durable, these toppers come in a range of colors to suit the decor of any home, and come in three sizes to fit on any couch or sofa! Let your dog sleep right there beside you and enjoy the warmth and comfort of the velvet’s soft touch.

Looking for more?

Looking for more velvet dog beds for your canine companion? Make sure you look at the entire collection at our store here. 

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