Designer Wax Dog Coats

by Reena Bakir
wax dog coats

Keep your dogs dry and warm with these designer wax dog coats, made from the finest materials for extra comfort and a unique stylish look! Waterproof wax dog coats are both stylish and practical, coming in a range of luxurious looks and serving their function of protecting your dog no matter the weather! Be it rain, snow or sleet, these coats are guaranteed to keep your dog dry and happy.

Here at Chelsea Dogs, we offer a selection of designer wax dog coats from a range of brands, each dedicated to the safety and protection of your dogs on those wet walks! Check out the entire collection at our store, and read on to discover our top picks!

Navy Wax Dog Jacket by Sotnos

wax dog coat

Ideal for withstanding wind, rain and snow, this Navy Wax Dog Jacket is built from the finest materials to keep your dog snug and dry! Coming in a beautiful universal navy blue color, the jacket can be paired with any dog collar and lead! It is lined with an extra soft plaid design, for an all time classic look that’ll make your pooch look as stylish as ever! It comes with easy belt fastening for a perfect adjustable fit, and comes in five sizes.

Country and Twee Waterproof Red Waxed Cotton Dachshund Dog Coat

wax dog coatThis vibrant wax dog coat in a striking red is made from waterproof cotton lined in soft Sherpa for extra warmth! Made to be a perfect fit for Dachshunds, the coat is designed in consideration to their short legs and long bodies, giving them a comfortable and fitted coat to wear in the cold weather! The coat is handmade in the UK and is available in sizes 12” and 14” with a short belly strap for adjusting and easy wear.

Luxury Designer Waxed Waterproof Dog Coat Olive Green

wax dog coatsThis luxury waterproof dog coat in Olive Green is made from a fabulous lightweight green antiqued waxed cotton with a soft grey fleece lining to keep your dog warm and comfy. With its adjustable Velcro fastenings around the neck and chest, the coat is easy to put on and take off and allows you to fully adjust the size to the fit of your dog! The coat comes in five sizes, making it ideal for all dog breeds.

Ancol Timber Reflective Wax Dog Coat

wax dog coatsThis traditional wax dog coat in Ancol Timberwolf comes equipped with extremely reflective edges, offering extra safety for your dog on evening or night walks! The top wax material acts as a shield against all types of cold weather, ensuring to keep wetness and wind away from your canine. The coat comes with thermal waddling for extra warmth, as well as Velcro fastenings for an ideal fit around your dog’s body. It is available in three sizes.

Looking for more?

Check out the full collection at our store here, and find the perfect waterproof wax dog coat to keep your canine away from the cold and wetness of the colder months!

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