Desperate owner of missing dog hires helicopter

by Bronwyn Hall

A desperate owner of a missing Japanese Shiba Inu hired a helicopter in an attempt to find her dog, it has emerged.

Janice Bannister lost her dog, Sylvia, during a walk on the beach in Anglesey. She had only been visiting the area for the day to visit a friend. Now Ms Bannister, from Telford, has been staying with a local resident so that she can continue to search for her beloved pet.

She resorted to hiring a helicopter from Caernarfon Airport – at a cost of £750 – after a reported sighting of Sylvia in the sand dunes at Newborough Beach.

Ms Bannister told BBC News ‘It is a huge area of dunes…you could not walk or cycle it.’

At the time of writing, the search continues and posters have been put up in the area. A Facebook page has also been created in order to help with the search effort.

Since the time of writing, it has been reported that Ms Bannister has sadly found her missing dog Sylvia drowned in the sea near where she was lost. Our sincere condolences go out to Ms Bannister, her family and friends at this time.

The Japanese Shiba Inu is small and agile dog. Independent and proud, they require consistent obedience training in order to reach their full potential. Due to their proud nature, the Shiba can often be found cleaning their paws and legs and are relatively easy to housebreak. Their independent personalities mean they can be wary of strangers, however, they are loyal and loving pets who are affectionate to those who earn their trust.

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