Different Types of Dog Training

by Alessia

Though dogs are a domestic animal, there are dogs that grow up to hold very important jobs such as seeing eye dog or police dog. By differentiating training exercises and understanding the different types of dog training and when to implement each, you could be well on your way to a well disciplined pooch that will hang around with you at home, or a rescue dog that will save lives – whatever your need may be.


Obedience training. This type of training involves basic commands like sit, stay, come, down, and quiet. Taught at an early age, obedience training involves the type of commands that you as an owner will need your dog to know in order for him to obey you, as well as stop behavioral issues before they can begin.

Behavioral training. Probably the most basic of the four, behavioral training involved some commands, but mostly issues such as excessive barking, inappropriate chewing, or housebreaking. These are all things that your pooch will be taught at a young age to make him a ‘good dog’ and ease him into a more seamless everyday life with you.

Agility training. This type of specific training is more for a dog that will participate in sports, whether it be hunting, water sports, or obstacle courses. This advanced type of training should only be implemented after a dog has basic knowledge of commands. If the dog is being trained for a competition (in which the owner cannot reward the dog until the end), the training will be disciplined and difficult. All dogs can be taught through agility training, though some breeds are more well-suited for it.

Vocational training. This type of training is what is done with dogs who are destined for more than a walk around the block and tug of war on the living room floor. This type of training is for a ‘career dog’, a dog that will help or assist  people in some kind of way. These programs are rigorous and time consuming, as they teach dogs important skills to optimize their abilities to communicate with humans by honing in on their senses.

All dogs can learn and most will be willing to learn whether they are learning how to aid a blind man across a road or how to stay while their owner walks through the front door of the house. These four different types of dog training vary from simple training that can be done in your home, or they may require a knowledgable and willing trainer who is qualified.

Alessia xx

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