Disabled Puppy Learns to Walk for the First Time!

by Alessia

Mick, a now 10-12 week old puppy, was born earlier this summer with Swimmer’s Syndrome, a birth defect that splays all four legs to the sides and makes it impossible for the puppy to sit, stand, or walk. Most of these dogs don’t make it past their first year, and a lot of the time they are euthanized because they require intensive therapy. When Mick was six weeks old he was brought to the Mia Foundation, a place that helps dogs born with birth defects. They made this video to show Mick’s progress over the two weeks that he was there, and I literally almost cried during the first few seconds of text because the music is just one of those songs that you could listen to with your eyes closed and cry. They know what they’re doing over there. Share with us what you think about Mick’s incredible story, it’s one that could change things for tons of dogs born the same way who never get a chance to be loved.


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