Do Dogs “Talk” to Us With Their Eyes?

by Melissa Keen

A new survey has shown that over 2/3’s of dog owners believe that their dogs can “talk” to us with their eyes.

The survey was carried out by pet treat retailer Pet Munchies and K9 Magazine, who asked 1,100 dog owners how their dog liked to get their attention.

How Do Dogs “Talk” With Us?

57% of owners said their dog liked to bark or whine for attention, while 58% of owners said their dog “talked” to them by standing and looking at them.

Perhaps not surprisingly, most dogs “talk” to us in order to get a tasty treat!

However, dogs also try to communicate with us for other things like wanting to go outside, or when they are worried about the safety of their family. 39% of owners said their dog stood by the door to indicate they wanted out, while 22% said their dog ran in circles or paced back and forth.

7.5% of owners said their cheeky dog resorted to stealing something in order to get their attention.

Are They Good At Talking, Or Are We Good At Reading Their Signs?

Overall, 9/10 dog owners said their dog was great at communicating with their eyes and body language.

Other studies have shown that dogs are exceptionally good at communicating with us – and it’s actually us humans who are sometimes not great at picking up the signs.

This may be because humans have a habit of anthropomorphising pets; this means we tend to give them human characteristics or think of them as human. It means we may sometimes forget they are dogs and not little people; it’s likely we miss their obvious signs because of this.

So the next time you catch your pup staring at you, don’t ignore them – they’re probably trying to tell you something!

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