Do Thundershirts Work?

by Alessia

One of the most common inquiries from dog owners with puppies who get a little bit nervous or stressed, or are afraid of weather such as thunder or rain is do thundershirts work? My friend’s dog Wesley is a dog who was assumed to be abused by his last owner based on the way he now behaves. He has a loving family but gets very mouthy and upset when people who aren’t in his immediate family come around. He get stressed easily, and my friend has been wondering, do thundershirts work, and if they do, will they keep Wesley calm? I have seen thundershirts work for friends’ dogs before, and this informative video from Petco is helpful as well if you too are wondering if thundershirts actually work. Hopefully some of you with a little nervous Nelly pooch can be helped by this information. Let us know if you have a thundershirt and if it works for your dog or not, or if you are interested in trying one.

Alessia xx

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