Dog Approved People Food

by Alessia

Even though our pooches should really stick to a canine diet, there are a few types of dog approved people food that are safe and even good for our furry friends. If you want to reward your dog with some table food, stick to these:

Peanut Butter (raw, unsalted is best) 
Baby Carrots
(great for teeth!)
(as long as they are not lactose intolerant)
(no added sugar or colors, but can be great for your dog’s digestive health)
(aids with digestive issues, nothing sweet though!)
Green Beans
(without salt)
(sliced without seeds and core)


These easy to find, make, and or serve up for your family and dog are great alternative treats, and have added benefits to supplement your dogs diet as well as help their digestive system move along it’s processes. Make sure to keep your dog on a mostly canine diet though, and instead of feeding them directly from the table, always put human food in their dish so they do not get in the habit of begging!

Alessia xx

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