The dog ate my homework… No, seriously!

by Bronwyn Hall

The age old excuse of ‘the dog ate my homework’ is a classic English expression hilariously used by school children as an excuse for not turning in homework on time.

The reasons that this particular excuse is handy are twofold: the teacher can’t possibly disprove the claim and it liberates the student of any blame. It is also not totally unbelievable either; recently our new Dachshund puppy ate a Christmas card. Well, half a Christmas card anyway.

YingYang Mother

YingYang Mother

However, American news channel ABC has reported that a teenager from Texas has applied this age old excuse and it actually worked!

According to the report, Reagan Hardin received an extension on her assignment after her Pitbull swallowed her homework. Hardin had been required to make a diorama of a barnyard scene for her class which she constructed out of chicken wire and plastic.

Sadly, her Pitbull Roscoe required emergency surgery after chowing down on the piece. However, the veterinarian who performed the surgery was kind enough to provide Hardin with a copy of the x-ray showing the homework inside of the poorly pooch.



Upon seeing the x-ray proof Hardin’s teacher allowed her an extension to make a second version and meanwhile Roscoe is making a great recovery!

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