Dog Believed To Be Lost Returns Home After Tornado

by Alessia

An Arkansas family was praying for a miracle after the deadly tornado that struck a couple weeks ago. Their dog, Oreo, was lost and they were desperately hoping that he was okay and that he would find a way back to them. The tornado obliterated so many homes including the home of pastor Wade Lentz and his family.


On Tuesday he stood with his two sons in the spot where their house used to stand when suddenly his son Landon noticed movement under the rubble. Oreo emerged, tail wagging, and their prayers were answered. Lentz believes that Oreo must have been sucked up into the twister but landed safely and found his way home with his canine instincts. Oreo was mostly unscathed, minus a scratch or two on his legs, but his face said it all, he was okay, and he was happy to be with his family whether their home was still standing or not.


This isn’t the first time Oreo had to find his way home on his own. On a recent vacation, Lentz received a call that Oreo had escaped the kennel he was boarded in, and it turns out that he dug a hole under the fence and ran to his home. That pup loves his home!

Of course all of our thoughts are with the families who have suffered loss in the wake of this awful natural disaster, and we hope that Oreo has a new home to love with his family very soon.

Alessia xx

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