Dog born in shelter waits 15 years for family

by Bronwyn Hall

A dog that was born in a shelter in South Africa had to wait 15 years until he found his family.

Cross-breed Chip was taken in by the Save-A-Pet shelter in Port Elizabeth when he was seven weeks old. Nobody could have imagined that fifteen years later he was still there, waiting for a family to call his own.



Chip has an eye condition as well as a skin condition and, as he got older, it became more and more difficult to find him a home. It was in light of this that a lady named Debbie Gillet posted this plea to Facebook:

‘Chip has NEVER had a home, NEVER had a family to love and cherish him, NEVER had someone to play with him or take him for walks, NEVER had a warm bed to sleep in or a human to cuddle up to. His ENTIRE life has been spent in an enclosure at a no-kill shelter here in Port Elizabeth… I am asking for someone out there to step forward and open up their heart and their home for Chip so that he can experience a loving home before he dies.’

Happily, it was a only a few hours until this message reached a man called Jaco Rademeyer who says that it was ‘love at first sight.’



Happily, Chip is now experiencing his own home for the very first time. Congratulations Chip!

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