Is your dog clumsy? Top 10 most accident-prone dogs

by Nancy Boland

Is your dog clumsy? We all know they can be clumsy at times, particularly when excited or nervous. Others just seem to be in trouble all the time, managing to injure themselves in a park, the garden or in the home. This can be because they don’t realise their own strength, are naturally curious or simply energetic with a constantly wagging tail!

According to Doglopedia, the Internets dog video encyclopedia, dog clumsiness depends on breed type.  Their list of the ten most accident-prone dogs may surprise you.

clumsy 2

10. Yorkshire Terrier

Although small dogs Yorkshire Terriers are extremely active and overprotective. This can make them difficult to train, which makes them misbehave.

9. Border Collie

An intelligent breed of dog, a Border Collie needs plenty of mental and physical stimulation. They make good working dogs, but are extremely energetic and often chase after cars and other moving vehicles.

8. Golden Retriever

Athletic, calm and intelligent, Golden Retrievers are a common choice for assistance dogs. Due to their size they are quite powerful, which can lead to small acts of clumsiness.

7. German Shepherd

Eager and willing to learn, the main clumsy feature of the otherwise intelligent German Shepherd is their strength and power. This and their curiosity can make them accident-prone.

6. Cocker Spaniel

Cute and demanding, Cocker Spaniels can need a lot of attention and if they feel neglected they can misbehave. Their eagerness to please can also contribute to minor mishaps.

5. German Shepherd Cross breeds

Although it depends on what breed the German Shepherd is crossed with, dogs will still have the power of this breed as well as any hyperactivity or obedience problems of the other.

4. Springer Spaniel

The Springer Spaniel is a sociable breed of dog that loves to play, especially in water. Their size makes them quite speedy for a Spaniel and they can become mischievous when left alone.

3. Rottweiler

Confident and powerful, Rottweilers have a lot of energy and need constant mental and physical attention to keep them occupied. If they feel threatened they can become aggressive so proper training is necessary.

2. Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Headstrong, full of energy and with a fondness for chewing, Staffordshire Bull Terriers should be properly trained to avoid problems as they do have inner fighting instincts.

1. Chocolate Labrador

Fun-loving and boisterous, the Labrador puppy is renowned for clumsiness. However, as they grow older, their temperament tends to become calm and even-tempered although they do often have bouts of hyperactivity.

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