Dog Cooling Mats

by Reena Bakir

With temperatures rising this summer, you’ll definitely need to keep your canine companion cool and relaxed while enjoying the sunshine. Many dogs aren’t adjusted well to the heat, but with a little bit of help you can make their summer a time to enjoy!

Dog cooling mats give your pet the extra bit of special care that’ll keep them safe from the side-effects of the scorching heat. Here’s a list of our summer essential dog cooling mats!

GorPets Dog Cooling Pad

dog cooling mats gorpets

This self-cooling gel mat by GorPets makes for fuss-free chilling! With no fridge required, the mat is activated by pressure or weight, and automatically recharges. Coming in four convenient sizes, this mat is perfect to take along with you on trips, long travels or for placing in a kennel or crate.

Dog Cooling Mattress by Danish Design

Designed to keep your pet cool during the summer, this pad by Danish Design can be used as a stand-alone mat or added on top of your dog beds and in their kennels. The mat is placed in the fridge to increase cooling properties of the non-toxic gel inside. Soft to the touch and comfortable, the mat is made from a hard-wearing fabric. It comes in three general sizes, making it perfect for any sweaty dog!

There’s More!

Make sure you check out the range of luxury dog beds available at our store, and give your pets the special treat they need to enjoy the summer!

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