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by Chelsea Dogs

Have you got a new furry member joining the family soon? If so, you’ll probably be looking into getting them a new crate with a dog crate mat or perhaps you already have a crate and just want a new mat for your puppy. Whatever the case, we’ve got you covered!

We have waterproof dog crate mats which are perfect for puppies as well as muddy dogs who still like to rest in a crate or you can use the beds in the back of the car too! Some of our other puppy crate beds are made with tough fabrics for those who like to chew and we also have some soft fleece versions which are great for providing a comfortable and warm place for your puppy to sleep.

Here is a round up of our best selling dog crate mats.

First up are the water repellent crate mats by House of Paws. They are made from 400D Oxford ripstop water repellent fabric and come in navy and green.

navy blue water resistant dog crate mat

Green puppy crate mats

Danish Design also offer a waterproof crate mat which is machine washable!

Danish Design Waterproof Dog Crate Mats

Danish Design have two other lovely puppy crate mats, a blue stag print mat and a newton moss tweed design.

Tweed dog crate mat at chelsea dogs

House of Paws have launched a puppy range which includes crate mats. They come in a pack of two so any accidents can be easily dealt with. Available in blue stars and pink stars.

blue puppy crate mat

pink puppy crate mat

House of Paws also make one of our favourite crate mats, a memory foam mat with a grey water resistant fabric on one side and a soft teddy fleece on the other! What more could you ask for! Oh, it also comes in navy blue!

grey memory foam dog crate mat

navy and fleece memory foam crate mat for dogs

Finally, if you want to add a pop of colour to your dog’s crate, try one of the PLAY crate mats. Available in pink, blue and green.

PLAY colour crate mat for dogs

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