Dog falls off 100ft cliff chasing rabbits, lives to tell the tale

by Bronwyn Hall

A dog fell 100ft down the side of cliff whilst chasing rabbits and remarkably survived.

The dog – called Tarka – was being walked along Dorset’s Jurassic Coast when she spotted some rabbits and gave chase. Her owners failed to call her back and Tarka fell over the cliff, tumbling 100ft into the cold ocean below.

The cliffs where Tarka fell

The cliffs where Tarka fell

Remarkably, she survived the fall and was rescued by passing water skiers who spotted her struggling to swim in the choppy conditions. Once rescued from the water, Tarka was handed to the nearby coastguards and was quickly reunited with her distraught family who were still on the cliffs.

It is suspected that the lucky dog suffered only from shock and a possible broken leg.

This incident has sparked fresh calls from coastguards for dog owners to keep their animals on leads when walking along the cliffs.

Read more about teaching your dog walking etiquette in our article, here.



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