Dog Friendly Pubs in Chelsea

by Reena Bakir
Dog Friendly Pubs in Chelsea

Most people are inseparable to their dogs, and it is important to spend valuable quality time with your small friend in order to keep the bond close and strong. Simply taking your dog on walks may not always do, and it is important to take your companion to new places so that they are able to socialize and adjust. So, if you’re looking for a nice night out with some friends and your pup, here’s a list of dog friendly pubs in Chelsea!

Coopers Arms

This neighbourhood pub located just off Kings Road offers a cosy atmosphere with its real pub environment and comfortable seating. With a wide range of beers ready to order and a long menu of premium spirits and wines, this place is a must-eat-at with friends! Serving traditional pub food with fresh ingredients gives this place a special traditional touch. Moreover, the pub is completely dog-friendly, and you are welcome to bring in your fellow pups for a nice dinner and a beer. Give Coopers Arms a visit with your pup on 87 Flood Street!

Coopers Arms Dog Friendly Pub in Chelsea

The Builder’s Arms

Located in Kensington, this pet-friendly place offers a fine selection of draft beers, ales, wines and innovative cocktails. With its genuine and charismatic artistic indoor setting, the Builder’s Arms is a great place to go for good food, a nice cold drink and an evening with your pup! This pub is a perfect place to have an authentic meal, whether you want to go for a lazy brunch or an enjoyable dinner and drinks with friends. If you are looking for an authentically British pub, between rows of Georgian terraces and nurturing a deep sense of community, then the Builder’s Arms is the right place to go! Book a table at their website here:

Builders Arms Dog Friendly Pub Kensington

The Rosendale

The Rosendale pub, which had originally been created as a Victorian coaching inn, now stands on 65 Rosendale Road as a popular public house serving a wide range of seasonal food and an award-winning selection of alcoholic drinks from ales to cocktails. This pub comes with an outdoor garden featuring a range of fun activities for adults and children, as well as nice areas to relax with your dog. The garden features table-tennis and table-football as well as two leafy gardens. The Summer Garden opens from spring until houses, while the Side Garden is open year round, offering a great atmosphere to relax and play with your pet, or go for a comfortable smoke break. It also comes with doggie bowls filled with water for when your dogs are feeling thirsty!

The Rosendale Pet Friendly Pub in Chelsea

The Pig’s Ear

Sitting on 35 Old Church Street, The Pig’s Ear is an award winning gastro pub and restaurant. This popular drinking and dining institution offers a perfect assemblage of the traditional and the timeliness, with its authentic oak-decorated interior. What keeps this pub lively and unique is the daily change of its menus offering a wide range of signature British dishes and a selection of local and international drinks. Going there will never be a bore! So bring your pup and head down to the Pig’s Ear for a special lunch or night out!

The Pig's Ear Dog Friendly Pub

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