Dog Learning To Meow

by Lucas

Well this video has disturbed me on so many levels. Not only is the person in this video learning to meow, one of the most disgusting sounds of all time, but it’s a dog learning to meow. A DOG! This human has her priorities skewed, and she obviously went to an animal shelter that was out of cats so she is just confusing the heck out of my pooch friend here. I am ashamed of her and I feel sorry for Griffin that this is what he needs to do in order to get treats. Us dogs need to stick together and I’m ready to sniff my screen and follow his scent all the way to his house and rebel. We are dogs, not cats, and we will not be ridiculed just because you humans know that we will do anything for food! If you are a dog learning to meow, contact me and we will start a resistance movement! Viva la canine!


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