Dog Rescued from a Trash Pile

by Alessia

I have posted so many Hope For Paws videos before, but this one definitely made me the most emotional that I have ever been before. I don’t know if it’s the time of year, when people can be so loving and good, or if it’s the fact that I watched this by the fire with my beautiful puppy sleeping safe and soundly next to me, which made me feel so blessed but so horrible for this sweet dog, Miley. This video just absolutely broke my heart. Miley was reported to Hope for Paws in early November, and it was said that she had been living on a trash pile for months after supposedly being abandoned by her family. Eldad Hagar, who recorded this video, said to Huffington Post that when he first saw Miley, “[he] almost couldn’t believe what [he] was seeing”. This man performs amazing dog rescues all the time, but his heart broke for Miley. She looked horrible, in so much pain, and was definitely riddled with parasites. She had no energy at all when he first got to her, and didn’t even try to run away like most of the other dogs he works with do. A month later, after treatments and some R&R, Miley is doing well and has made best friends with a little pooch named Frankie, who after being rescued from a drain pipe was afraid of everything. The dogs are now best friends, and both looking to be adopted into loving homes. Christmas is the perfect time to welcome a new member of the family and to start the year off with bold intentions to love and cherish a furry friend. Watch this video, and consider what you could be doing for another life this holiday season.

Happy holidays,

Alessia xx

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